Bistro Issues

Issue Workaround(s)
Bistro supports metaclass polymorphism. However, because metaclasses are always instantiated as singletons, they cannot be abstract and so cannot define abstract methods.
  • Instead of declaring an abstract method in a metaclass, provide a default implementation, even if the method only returns self.

Bistro uses explicit class names to qualify and resolve references to super from inside inner classes. The convention used adheres to Sun's amended inner class specification. Apparently, some compilers do not support this, producing a compilation error when super is qualified by an outer class name.
  • Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any workaround for this issue at the present time. You can try to eliminate the use of super inside of your blocks. However, this may not always be possible.

  • If you encounter this problem working with your compiler, I recommend you complain to the compiler vendor, citing the amended inner class specification. I generally recommend using the latest Sun JDK compiler for working with Bistro.

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