Bistro Project Goals

The primary goals of the Bistro project include the following:

  1. Compile Bistro code to standard Java™ class files.
  2. Maintain the simplicity, expressiveness and readability of Smalltalk.
  3. Support the ANSI standard Smalltalk behaviors where possible.
  4. Support seamless integration with existing Java™ classes.
  5. Support primitive methods written in Java™.
  6. Optimize messages to untyped receivers as much as possible without modifications to the Java™ VM.
  7. Optimize messages to typed receivers, including typed variables, arguments, and casted receivers.
  8. Provide mechanisms for porting Smalltalk code to a Java™ runtime environment.

The level of integration and immediacy of the Smalltalk tools support very high productivity and rapid prototyping. So, a final goal is to eventually have a development environment as integrated and agile as that traditionally found in Smalltalk, but hosted on the Java™ VM.

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